School Partnership Program

What is it?


The School Partnership Program is a free service provided to participating US schools in order to partner them with a Global school. The Suntree Foundation provides materials to our US partners to enable them to develop a fundraising strategy. Once funds are raised, Suntree Foundation wires one hundred percent of the funds directly to the Global schools, so that materials can be purchased to improve the quality of education for our global partners.

How it works:


1. US schools contract with the Suntree Foundation.

2. US school selects a Global partner.

3. US school is given information about their Global partner as well as a “wish list” of the Global partner’s needs.

4. US school develops fundraising strategy. For more information about fundraising strategies, please visit our Fundraising Ideas page.

5. School fundraises.

6. School deposits funds with the Foundation.

7. Foundation wires funds to the Global partner.

8. As soon as the funds are received by the Foundation, a receipt will be given to the US school. Once the funds have been wired and the desired items purchased, receipts will be sent back to the Foundation, along with pictures of the Global school and the purchased items. Both the receipts and the pictures will then be sent to the US school.

9. Copies of the deposit receipts and purchase receipts will also be provided to the Global partner. In addition, pictures of the US school and letters from those participating in the project will also be provided to the Global Partner.



If you have any further questions about the School Partnership Program, or to become a US or Global partner, please visit our Contact Us page and submit your information to the Foundation. For a complete list of available Global Partners, please visit the Global Partners Available page. To see the partnerships currently established, please visit the School Partnerships page.